Sophie Burns UX

User Experience Consultant, Designer and Developer in New York City

I create experiences.

ASB Bank

Sophie performed exceptionally well, managing a large backlog of work, delivering exceptional presentations and engaging with end users and stakeholders across the business...

‚Äst¬†¬†Head of Retail Solutions, ASB Bank

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Her ability to envision and then articulate in a storyboard of how the solution would appear to the end-user was outstanding. 

‚Äst¬†¬†Lecturer, Information Systems, the University of Auckland

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ASB Bank

Her personality and ability to relate and communicate effectively are her strengths. 

‚Äst¬†¬†Senior Manager, Retail Solutions at ASB Bank

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ASB Bank

Her hard work and dedication was particularly evident in the high quality of her design and analysis work.

‚Äst¬†¬†Chief Architect, ASB Bank

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Full Testimonials
First, I thoughtfully engage with clients, users and stakeholders through both professional interviews or more relaxed sessions to elicit qualitative and quantitative information including needs, likes and dislikes.
I then analyze the data and present the findings in easy-to-understand formats for business, technical and design-centered professionals.
Next, I use the findings from research and notes from stakeholder discussions to sketch low-fi wire-frames and design content (such as icons).
Once the sketches have been accepted by the team, I produce mid-fi mock ups in Sketch App that present a closer representation of how the system will look.

If necessary, I can create hi-fi designs in applications like Photoshop.
If the system is a website or web app, I can develop it using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (Preferably through Webflow).
Once the system is complete, I create a handover document that includes information including research, analysis, design and development documentation, system testing and user manuals.
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